Art by Gioncarla Lovato
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Artist's Statement

Why I do what I do
Moving extensively due to my father’s military service, my childhood impacts the work that I make today. When I was a child, my father purchased a set of encyclopedias along with with all the great original fairytales by Aesop, Grimm and Anderson and a few Hemmingway classics.  For many years, I found constant companionship and comfort in these books.
As I grew older, life as a teenager was anything but calm, I once again turned to books and found the escape and comfort in the stories I read. “Alice in Wonderland” is not truly a fun and carefree tale as the mainstream media likes to portray. Wonderland is mostly unsettling, bordering on terrifying, and not at all hospitable. Young Alice is thrust into this world and must navigate it but has not been given the rules. This, nearly exactly parallels my early life; I have created and associated my own Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, a Queen of Hearts, and a white rabbit in my work. I wish to share the dreamy, yet uncertain feeling that I had growing up. It’s made me resilient, strong but also has given me a depth of compassion that I seldom found in the world while growing up.