Art by Gioncarla Lovato
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Past Works

Here are many of the works I created prior to pursuing my degree in Fine Arts. The work I did was purely out of theraputic exploration. The connection between art and emotion is the driving force for my art.
  1. She Talks to the Flowers by Gioncarla
    La Petite Marie
  2. Trouble Letting Go
    Trouble Letting Go
    $150 Original Mixed Media on a cradled panel 9" X 9" X 1.5" Sealed in beeswax Done in 2010 Contact for Purchase
  3. Incompatible by Gioncarla Lovato
    $550 Original Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" X 3/4"
  4. Mother Mary II
    Mother Mary II
    $55 Mixed Media on Birch
  5. Mina in the Moonlight by Gioncarla Lovato
    Mina In The Moonlight
    $55 Oil on Canvas sheet 8" X 10"
  6. La Llorona by Gioncarla Lovato
    La Llorona
    $55 La Llorona is a spanish word meaning "The crying girl" Mixed Media on Birch panel 2013