Art by Gioncarla Lovato
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Student Portfolio

Here are many of my works that I made while I was pursuing my Fine Arts degree.

  1. The Nine by Gioncarla Lovato
    The Nine
    NFS 9 items, objects or living things that Alice encountered in Wonderland. 9- six inch square mixed media panels. Mounted, 24" X 24" X 1.5" thickness, Shadow Box Frame.
  2. Alice Fell By Gioncarla Lovato
    Alice Fell
    $35 Down she fell, or was it up she went? She no longer remembered. Original Watercolor 8" X 12"
  3. Mr. Hatter by Gioncarla Lovato
    Mr. Hatter
    $35 Would you care for a spot of tea? Original Watercolor 8"X12" with one inch border
  4. The Fall by Gioncarla Lovato
    The Fall
    $35 Falling down the rabbit hole, Alice was not sure how she would get back. Original Watercolor 8"X12" with one inch border
  5. Self Portrait, Paper Cutting. 2016
    Self Portrait, Paper Cutting. 2016
    NFS 32"W x 25"H x 1" black wood frame with plexiglass.
  6. Family Totem, 2016
    Family Totem, 2016
    NFS 22"H X 8" W x 3" this totem was an assignment to show how our friends and family have shaped who we are. A very therapeutic assignment.